12 facts about orgasm

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Side view of nude sensual woman in bed

Did you know that …find here 12 facts about orgasm

1. … orgasms may be more intense if you practice Kegel exercises?

2. … orgasm lasts on average 20 seconds to 13 seconds in men and owmen? In those moments of rhythmic contractions at about 0.08 seconds.

3. … except Kegel exercises, there are other types of moves that you can call to improve your sex life?

4. … you can have an orgasm during natural childbirth and the term is called orgasmic birth? Specialists explanation is simple, but hard to believe. It seems that the route you have the baby at birth is the same as that a woman obtain sexual pleasure. Surely this is one of the most unlikely curiosities natty orgasm.

5. … you can quickly reach orgasm if you use the power of the mind? Researchers in the field say it is hard enough to breathe, to think of your favorite fantasies and focus only on what you feel in that moment.

6. … there are women who can not have orgasms? The term is called anorgasmia, but should not think that you’re confronted with it. Not until you find all the reasons why you can not reach orgasm.

7. … nationality can influence your sexual pleasure? It seems that people of different nationalities live or pleasure this type. For example, in one study, it was found that over 72% of women in Israel have witnessed the great “O”.

8. … orgasm … it gives you craving? Surely you noticed that after a good fucking feel the need to open your heart and that you is much easier to communicate.

9. … sexual pleasure becomes more intense with age? According to a study by The American Journal of Medicine, women aged 80-99 years are more easily satisfied in bed than younger ones. One more reason to want to live many years, right?

10. … women reach heights of pleasure during menstruation easier than the rest of the time? Surely this is one of the easiest to test curiosities about orgasm.

11. … sneezing and orgasm are similar? Once started, it can not be controlled.

12. … black women have a 50% chance in addition to the white peaks to reach pleasure?

Did you know these facts about orgasm? You can add other information of this kind?

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