3 ways to enjoy sex menopause

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enjoy sex menopauseVaginal atrophy and dryness are common problems among women who entered menopause. Here’s how to combat them and to enjoy sex menopause.

Statistics show that more than half of menopausal women suffer from vaginal atrophy. A study from France conducted on a representative sample of women from Central and Western Europe shows that postmenopausal women’s sexual quality of life is declining.

Atrophy and vaginal dryness are problems common among women who entered menopause and occur due to decreased levels of estrogen – the female hormone that acts to maintain vaginal tissue healthy by vaginal lubrication normal, but also by maintaining the elasticity of tissue and adequate acidity.

Thus, libido decreases and appears sensitivity to touch, leaving women increasingly less interested in sex. To all this is added and reduced ability to lubricate the vagina, which can cause an itching, burning, tenderness, pain or spotting during intercourse or urination.

  1. Apropie-te de partener mai mult

Adopting a romantic mood before sex will ensure the deployment of the entire process ideally and transform those moments into some really pleasant, recommended dr. Virgil Popescu. Using a lubricant will increase the scope of sexual repertoire, so that sensations of vaginal dryness will disappear and, with them, and discomfort or pain.

2. Try to reduce stress

Relaxation should enter the agenda of your priorities. Because stress does nothing more than to depart partner, create tensions and sabotage libido. Try to find those quiet moments and create your day enjoyable moments with her husband or boyfriend.

3. Nourish yourself with healthy food

Lifestyle is very important to menopause. Energy level, mood, how you sleep, stress, libido and adjusting eating habits are closely related, explains the specialist. Thus, some foods and plants associated with an increase in sexual desire include blueberries, cocoa beans, nuts, coconut, avocado, honey and ginseng, so take care to eat as much of them.


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