5 diets. What suits you?

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You’ve had a stressful time and you stuffed with sweets and coffee? You can always feel tired or feel that the body has slowed down and not give yield? Maybe it’s time for a detox diet that will help to eliminate toxins and relax.


24 hours Detoxification

If your idea of a body subjected to so much effort for seven days scares you, start with small steps and you detox only one day a week.

You are allowed to consume pomegranate juice (not from trade, but prepared at home) cooked brown rice, raw almonds and lettuce nourishing.

It’s not very restrictive, but not give spectacular results if only one day outfit.

Liquid Detoxification

Something more difficult to keep it fast for a day with … water. Choose a day less stressful in that allows you to consume only water and possibly a vegetable juice.

It’s the perfect way to allow the digestive system to recover and clean. In addition, you will hydrate the body. You but be careful not to eat too much the day after, not the digestive system and transmit the wrong signals to cancel the previous day’s effort.

Spring Detoxification

Perfect for when you begin to appear anotimul fruits and vegetables, spring detoxify supposed to eat only fruit in the morning only to prans and vegetables throughout the day, until 20 o’clock.

Can be raw, cooked by steaming or turned into soup. Besides, it is recommended to consume herbal tea as much as you can.

Diet is held between 3 and 10 days depending on how much and how dramatically resist want to be the result.

Ayurvedic Detoxification

It’s a diet of Indian origin who promises to clean the body of toxins and relax the mind in three stages.

In the preparation stage, you eliminate sugar, caffeine, alcohol and fried foods from your diet and start eating mostly vegetables.

In addition, the introduction and routine physical movement. In the second phase of the ongoing process of detoxification takes place through a combination of herbal teas and laxatives. In the last stage rehearsals diet and exercise regime that you wanted in the first phase.

Vegan Detoxification

Also for removing toxins and maintain a clean and healthy body fights and vegans.

If you’re really motivated to give it some breathing organism, then try the raw diet for a week. You do not have to eat only raw foods from fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

You will need to think about some recipes and ingenious combinations unless you want to wake up just munching carrots and apples for seven days.

Likewise, the restaurant options you probably will not socialize much during this period. But in the end I’ll feel like you have more energy and you’re more rested.



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