5 lies that men tell on Facebook – and how to detect

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Let’s be honest – we all use Facebook to learn more about certain people, the more so when it comes to a man like us.

Facebook is a great help for those who can see your photos could become boyfriend, with whom you are interacting and even habits can identify more or less pleasant that we have in everyday life.

It may seem perfect, but how many of us are really honest on Facebook? A very small proportion!

The biggest problem we face on Facebook is that anyone can create an identity closer to perfection with the desire to seem more interesting to show others what has active social life that it cararcterizeaza unusual abilities.


On Facebook have many options to choose in terms of amorous situation. You can declare single, in a relationship, engaged, married, in an open relationship, divorced and the list goes on. Or, simply fill on Facebook can avoid this camp – thing do most men who consider Facebook’s matrimonial website.

Even if his status indicates that it is “single” Do not trust this. Maybe “had no time” to change it. Do research before you trust what he says on Facebook. Or you could ask him directly. If you trust enough to go on a date with him if you could ask him is, really, the situation affair.


This is one of the areas that may create deception only if you trust in Facebook. You might notice that you have 15 or even only 3 friends in common and you could create a false sense of comfort. You might be tempted to think that it is a trustworthy person just because “x” or “y” will is mutual friend.

Not true! You have to think that anyone can become friends with anyone on Facebook, even if they do not even know and have never spoken. Do not forget that in many cases, Facebook friendships are established and according to professional interests and not only in real life friendships.


Age is another aspect that you can hide or change on Facebook. Not sure that age is displayed on the profile or the real one? Check her friends, groups he belongs, habits, activities and see if it is real what he said on Facebook.


Have you ever wondered what it really means “man of afceri” “CEO,” “entrepreneur”? The CEO of a company that has given much bankrupt? Businessman means that spends the day trying to make profit from sports betting? People tend to lie or exaggerate to seem more interesting. Repeat: ask him directly what they do and if you find that answer avoid, avoid it and you on it.


Are you a person who loves gourmet restaurants, it does not. But if you want to conquer, he can claim to have the same preferences with a simple check-in at a restaurant without even dine there. Do you like to travel? He can take photos on the internet and post them on the wall by claiming that traveled around the world.

REMEMBER that anyone can seem everyone on Facebook!

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