5 mistakes made by early mothers when changing diapers

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5 mistakes made by early mothers when changing diapers

No matter how much you train yourself to bring your baby into the world, nothing can prepare you for how many dirty diapers you will change in the baby’s first few months of life.

Many mothers struggle, especially at first, to change their diapers, while more experienced mums seem to move at the speed of light and gain an enviable dexterity.

The truth is that you need to give yourself time to learn and be patient, especially when the baby is cheerful, cheerful and playful. In addition, you need to know from the very beginning what mistakes are to be avoided when you change your baby’s nappy so you can get rid of some unpleasant situations.

You start from the premise that all diapers are the same

Perhaps the most common mistake made by early mothers is not to pay much attention to the diapers they buy, starting from the idea of changing them very often. The most important thing about a diaper is its absorption power.

Your baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and prone to irritation or allergies. And when the diaper does not retain moisture, you will notice the appearance of red spots on large surfaces that can cause itching and cracking. The baby will be agitated and will cry for the discomfort, and you will be getting harder.

You leave your baby unattended while you change change diapers

A rule for beginner mothers says that when you change your baby’s diaper, a hand must always be on your baby. Even a few seconds in which you stretch to take something may be enough for babies to roll and fall off the table you are changing. Make sure you have all the things you need at your fingertips and avoid in any way leaving the little one unattended.

You do not apply a lotion to soothe irritations

The quality diapers are provided with soft elastic edges to prevent irritation or wounds caused by friction with the baby’s skin. However, all babies make allergies or irritations caused by diapers, which can be fought with a soothing lotion to cool the area, moisturize it and help to relieve irritation. Do not omit this step when you change your baby’s diaper, but take great care and what kind of lotion you use. Avoid products that may contain hazardous or potentially allergenic substances and focus on lotions specially designed for babies, approved or recommended by pediatricians that are herbal based. Also, the talcum powder that our mothers used and is still a very effective product for soothing irritation and moisture absorption.

Do not adjust the diaper size correctly

Diapers have flexible gripping systems that allow them to snap them up enough not to fall off the little one, but not so much as to cause them wounds or irritation. At first, it may be difficult for you to figure out how and how the diaper should be squeezed, but in time it will become a mechanical thing that you will do without thinking. For starters, keep in mind that diapers should be chosen according to the weight of the baby, and the gripping bars must be adjusted so that the little one can move freely, but the diaper stays firmly attached to the waist.

Do not change the diaper often enough

Many beginner parents think the baby tells him that the diaper is full when they start crying. But this does not always happen, especially as diapers are now good enough to retain moisture for a long time and even absorb the liquid seats. However, a wet diaper can turn into a favorable environment for bacterial growth, which increases the risk of irritation and allergies. In the first months of life, you’ll even change as many as 10 diapers per day, so make sure you get enough boxes.

There is no manual that teaches you how to change your first diaper as a professional and only exercise will teach you dexterity. More important, however, is to know what mistakes you have to avoid, so your little one does not have major problems with irritated skin or allergies.


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