5 myths about anal sex

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myths about anal sexOf all sexual acts, anal gets most of the myths and say sexologists, the most misunderstood. Women are reluctant to try it because of prejudice surrounding this sexual practice. Once you can get rid of them, even anal sex is extremely pleasant, experts say sexologists Americans who have made the top myths about anal sex.

1. The anus is dirty

We learn this in childhood – is a dirty area, which should not be touched. Perhaps I have been taught about this and other intimate areas – vulva, vagina – but from them I received sensations full of pleasure and forgot what we was all said. The truth is that if we have a daily hygiene, proper anus is as clean as any other part of the body. Is it right, is the bacteria’s natural, so as to avoid infections, try not to touch the vagina by touching the anus (whether towel, whether it’s sexual organ).

2. Anal sex is painful

It should not be, but if it means you do something wrong. Secrets of a successful party anal sex are relaxation, lubrication and education. I mean as you can read more about the anatomy of the anal area. And very importantly, buy more lube before time. If you do everything right, you will enjoy the special pleasures – anal area is full of nerve endings, those who lead us stimulated to orgasm.

3. Anal sex is unhealthy and can hurt me

Many women fear that such an experience will cause fissures or unbearable pain. Some even fear that they will have incontinence problems and reach adult diapers. Liked anal sex does not harm the anus or rectum. If you are not sure that your partner is not infected with any sexually transmitted disease, use condoms with lubricant. Avoid the ones with spermicides cause irritation.

4. Anal sex is a perversion

Anal sex was accepted as a sexual practice for centuries. In some cultures, women have only anal sex with their partners to protect their virginity. Of course, only you can decide what is normal and natural for you. If you are uncomfortable with any sexual practice, do not.

5. Only gay men enjoy anal sex

Having been a good while considered a homosexual act, anal sex is now enjoyed by many heterosexual couples. Anal sex is just another option to achieve pleasure and has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

These are some of the myths about anal sex.

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