6 hot sex positions to try

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When sex life is not what it was, all you need is some variation. And if nothing inspires you, here are a few hot sex positions that every couple should try them.
1. Corkscrew

At the edge of the bed with one leg below and one supported by the bed. Woman sit in this position, the belly and the man penetrates the back.

Benefits: The position is relaxing and offers a man’s freedom of movement and penetration is deep.

Bonus: And she can try to move in barbat.6 up with the spicy sexual positions that every couple should try them.

2. X – Factor 


It leaves the missionary position, but the man is “moving” bodies so as to form an X.

Benefits: You will feel the full movement.

Bonus: The woman can massage your back, butt and legs during penetrarii.6 man spicy sexual positions that every couple should try them.

3. Locomotive


The man sitting on the bed or on a chair. She sits on his lap, and he sticks his abdomen from behind it (like the spoon position).

Benefits: Because not see your face, it is exciting to make your own fantasies.

Bonus: She can tense the pelvic muscles to prolong the male erection.

4. Mountain magic


Man and woman standing face to face on the bed, with your knees bent and torso leaning back, leaning on his hands.

Benefits: Increases privacy, because you have visual contact. It increases clitoral stimulation by rubbing the man’s pelvis.

Bonus: Can you put an ice cube in his chest and cold water will slide to the pelvic area, to intensify the sensation.

5. Director


He sits on the bed, while she sits in her lap, but in some, feet resting on the bed.

Benefits: It stimulated point G. She can play with hands touching man’s scrotum or perineum them.

Bonus: She can bring your knees to your chest, with your feet supported by movements itensificarea bed.

6. Arch


The man sitting on the bed, legs together, stretched and trunk bent back, leaning on his hands. Woman sits above the knees bent and feet resting on the trunk and arms.

Benefits: Provides a picture of your bodies and can control every movement (speed, angle and depth of penetration).

Bonus: If mobility will allow, try a stimulation of the clitoris, using your hands. In addition, the woman can lean back further to stimulate the G-spot


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