7 myths about fitness

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1. Abdomens are the most effective way to get rid of unsightly belly

FALSE. Abdomens helps to tone certain muscle groups, but will not help you get rid of fat miraculously belly and you will not appear overnight famous “squares”. Only a proper diet, low in carbohydrates, rich in vegetables and fruits without sugar, with physical workouts will help you abs of your dreams

2. A warm bath helps to prevent muscle fever

FALSE. A bath cooler is actually recommended, not hot.

While doing exercise, blood vessels dilate and remain so for at least one hour after the end of exercise. Fever occurs when the muscle is laying a lactic acid in the muscles through these vessels dilated. Cold water shrinks the blood vessels, reducing the amount of lactic acid in the muscles reach.

3. As long as you feel comfortable during exercise, it means doing something well

FALSE. For this reason, many people tend to do too much at once, believing that if they feel tired / exhausted, you do not do something right. Nothing could be more untrue and in fact, even dangerous.

No matter how well you feel physically when doing an exercise (especially if you take a longer break), do not overload. Even if you do not feel the effects of the time, you will feel later.

4. The apparatus of fitness are the most appropriate way to train because doing it right every time.

This is partially correct. Although a camera puts you in position to be the body and helps you make the right moves in a way, this is true only if the machine is adjusted well and depending on your body (height, weight). So be careful. Ask your coach to take account of these things, because contrary, you will do more harm than good.

5. The muscle will turn to fat if I do not train much

As it can not turn fat into muscle, nor the reverse is not possible. Toning muscles and reducing fat are two completely different processes and in very few cases these two can be made simultaneously. In most cases you will need to focus on one goal, before thinking about the second. This is because to increase muscle mass you need to consume more calories than you burn, and to get rid of fat you must burn more calories than you consume.

6. Obesity is genetic 

In fact, obesity is genetic and only in some cases there are many ways to reduce the chances of becoming overweight. Most extra pounds gained are caused by social and environmental factors: excessive eating, lack of exercise, physical labor substitution automated technology and so on. So chances to become obese if you are not careful as large as those genetically predisposed. You can prevent obesity but easy: take your body a proper diet and going to the gym.

7. The more you sweat, the more you lose weight

FALSE. When you sweat, everything you do is actually to lose water. If you falter a lot when doing exercises during the summer, there is a fairly high chance that this will happen because you’re dehydrated.

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