7 things to do in Las Vegas

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7 things to do in Las Vegas

7 things to do in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas deserve to go especially if you: want to marry or to spend the last days of bachelor/bachelorette, you like gambling, the shows spectacular or fun can you have big money, so wide and do not fall in May remember anything (about the guys in the Hangover).

But there are other things you can do in Las Vegas. I propose seven ideas.

1. The shows in Las Vegas are truly memorable. And you can not find one to your liking. Circus, music for all tastes, stand-up comedy, original exhibitions, musicals sites at steep prices, it’s true (if you consider them directly from there start at $ 90, but reserve them online longer before more performances especially in vogue).

2. Modern architecture. Las Vegas is a strange mixture of kitsch with urban art. Most hotels toothache causes you, seeing so many cheap imitations and replicas together. But if you pay attention to details, are true works of modern art. All broad, majestic, gigantic!

3. Fountains at the Bellagio. A show not to be missed. Even if it seems cheap or tacky, not to be missed, because here, the word gigantic seems minor compared with breathtaking waterfalls. The show has a zone, more details here.

4. The nightlife is amazing! Most hotels with backdrop have their premises, clubs dancing on broken until dawn. The good news is that there’s no need to wait midnight as the fun begin, and the less good is that, almost always, are large queues at the entrance. I was at Pure (the Caesar’s Palace), where I spent an hour in line, but it was worth. Dress is usually mandatory and must present an ID at the entrance. Overall, the US’s passport display recommended going with you everywhere, in some bars staff must check whether you are over 21, even if it is clear that you have passed the age!

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5. Cocktails. In Vegas, I drank the best cocktails in the world. And the bartenders are extremely cooperative and seem to have a very good memory! I do not know how, but after two visits to the bar already know what you want to ask! The fact that you’re paying by credit/debit (including tip) hardly helps in these situations … It’s dangerous, especially as a cocktail starts at $ 10.

6. You can visit the Grand Canyon. From Las Vegas to make daily trips to the Grand Canyon. You can choose a variant on your taste – a simple trip, day by bus, which costs about $ 150, or a helicopter ride over the Canyon, rafting, Hummer ride and other thrills you want to try, but prepare a few hundred dollars for it!


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