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beach weddingYou’ve always dreamed of a beach wedding but do not know what you have to do everything to be perfect? Here are some tips for you to help.

I understand: you want because it is something different, more romantic, is something else and you want to do something special. Totally agree. Even I dream of a wedding on the beach … barefoot, without too much sophisticated and complicated.

Something simple and nice to be remembered as something special guests. I know that’s what you think and you, but things are not as simple as they seem. Because I want to ease your work, or just give you some tips, I inquired a little thing like weddings on the beach and look what I found:

1. The wedding dress should be as lighter and more ethereal. Do you delight in princess dresses or the siren. Opt for dresses in Greek style, without applications without too many details. Perfect dress is one airy, light and delicate veil.

2. Makeup should be more natural. Imagine how you look makeup with dark shades on a quiet beach? Horrible, is not it? You must choose a foundation and transfer resistant to moisture. Because sunlight, your imperfections will be more visible even if they are covered by the foundation, so use a concealer resistant. Choose pastel eye makeup and nude lips have a shade.

3. Hair is another important aspect and should be set to the smallest detail. For both dress and makeup are as simple, do not try to ruin it or a bun stuffed with some very well defined. Choose a few loose curls and natural flowers in her hair, a loose bun or hair caught awry. You can also opt for a hairstyle in boho style.

beach wedding


4. Accessories under no circumstances must shine so hard that “takes your eyes,” but no nonexistent. I recommend to choose small jewelry but precious and delicate. You can wear pearls to express the delicacy of beach weddings.

5. Bridal bouquet must resist the combination of humidity and heat unbearable. Even the flowers are leaking when in contact with too much sun. The best choice is the field orchids or flowers, wildflowers, which are used to such conditions, being resistant.

6. The footwear is optional in this case. However, if you do not want to go barefoot (although it would be advisable to create a picture of absolutely natural) choose sandals without heel, ballet slippers cut or delicate, accessorized with fine pebbles.

7. Festive decor does not necessarily have to be blue and contain starfish and what not other marine life. Indeed, beware of choosing colors. I recommend not to opt for dark tones, that do not match the natural scenery, but you can always go to the shades of pink, purple, lilac or other pastel colors.

8. Testimony should have something in common with the beach. Here you can play and choose from dozens of designs. For example, you can opt for a bottle of sand on which to engrave your name and the husband, or a starfish. Two dolphins dressed as bride and groom, or two seahorses. Models are sufficient, so you have to choose from. Read more here about the decor suitable for a beach wedding.

9. Weather is one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to a wedding held on the beach. I suggest you do your research well before, so you do not wake up at the wedding with a sandstorm that spread it over food. Stuffing sand really is not something that you would like the wedding menu.

10. Tubs with ice and drinks for guests comfort. And do not forget the special containers for flowers, which fill them with cold water so the flowers to resist by the end of the beach wedding.

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