How can you know if your partner cheating on you?

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Cheating on you?

When the partner’s behavior make you think, you should pay more attention to details and you can discover. There are a few warning signals that scientists take them as reliable clues of infidelity.

If you suspect that your partner might have an affair, you should begin to analyze in detail the gestures and actions of the signs that betray infidelity. Science can not tell if your spouse cheating on you, but I can help you discover if he has something to hide.

Find out if you need to worry about, checking the clues below:

  1. Ask your friends

People outside of your relationship – friends or strangers – can “smell” a relationship problem, notes the American publication “Business Insider”. Psychologists at Brigham Young University have tested this theory by means of couples were asked to draw their while being filmed. Before beginning the study, couples each partner was asked to answer truthfully questions of their relationship, including whether he cheated or not. The recordings were then shown to another group of volunteers, who did not know anyone of the shot. They managed to identify couples in which one partner was unfaithful. Their assumptions were not correct every time, but were more accurate than a random response.

Provided that an unknown identify infidelity is to observe the couple during common activities that require collaboration like to gărească or plan an event together.

2. “Digest” the clues

People usually do not excel in assessing whether a person. At least, not consciously. Conversely, when we are given enough time thinking to process information subconsciously, we can more clearly distinguish truth from falsehood.

In 2013, a team of psychologists asked a group of students to determine to what extent were sincere testimonies of people in court. Students who had more time to think before giving a verdict – time enough to think about other things than the testimony – were able to identify several false confessions.

3. Be attentive to his voice

Canadian researchers asked a group of volunteers to assess how partners are committed relationship couples just listening to their voice. Women who analyzed the records said that men with lower voices are less loyal and male volunteers appreciated sharper voice women as less committed relationship.

Men with higher levels of testosterone in the blood were thicker voice in reveme women with higher levels of estrogen voice thinner. On the other hand, studies have shown that testosterone is associated with the high volume infidelity.

4. Watch how much is on Facebook/Twitter
If your spouse is more interested than in the past of social networks and online is more, it can be a warning sign. A recent study by researchers at the University of Missouri associate this habit with infidelity, breakup and divorce.

Russell Clayton, who led the study, analyzed social media consumption of 600 Twitter users. On average, a typical user uses the social network an hour a day for five days a week. Those who conversed more than that were “likely” to arguments with your spouse, but also to adultery and divorce. The destructive effects on the relationship are directly proportional to the time spent on social networks, says the specialist.

5. Pay attention to sudden changes in behavior!

If you are involved for a while in a relationship, you probably know how to behave usual partner: what food he likes, how they react to challenges or surprises, is how good listener etc. Sudden change in body language, facial expressions and the tone of voice to betray a duplicitous behavior, says Lillian Glass, behavioral analysis expert who worked for the FBI in the past. “Your body goes through these changes when you’re nervous or tense feeling – when you’re lying,” says specialist in his book ‘The Body Language of Liars “(trad – Body language liars).

One obvious sign of lie is unable to articulate words. When we are stressed, our nervous system “responds” to stress by blocking the secretion of saliva. Another sign is the change of breathing that occurs amid increasing acceleration of the heart rate and blood – as a result of stress. When the caller repeat the question that you’ve addressed it, you should also ask yourself questions about the sincerity of the words that you shall speak later.

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