Confessions of men. Find out what not ever want to hear from you!

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Men are the stronger sex in a relationship, but that does not mean they can not be injured. In reality they are more sensitive than you think. A word spoken at the wrong time can make them suffer or may leave so cold that you turn your back instantly.



Below is a list of 10 things that men would rather not hear from you. Avoid tell these things and you stay away from embarrassment.

“We need to talk.” You can talk whenever you want, you just need to open your mouth. It was “threatening” in this way and then leave it to boil these eight-hour torture clean … even if you do not want to talk about rearranging furniture than or about summer vacation.

“I need some time alone.” There is a difference between wanting to spend a quiet afternoon, lounging in bed or doing whatever you feel like and you need a single week. Most of the times, “I need some time alone” means you need a break. In which case it is pointless to be polite. Tell a front and not deceive him.

“Pay you, right?” No. If you want to pay the bill will be provided. If not, do not.

“No need to call a plumber.” He does not refuse help when you offer it. No self-respecting man would not want to sit with your hands in your pocket while another man fix your pipes. Let him even try. If it fails, he will be the one who calls the plumber.

“You left the sport?” If it’s a man who keeps the physical appearance that his girlfriend does not want to consider it less attractive. Maybe she gained lately, thanks to your food delicious, but inwardly hopes to not notice that. If you want to re-shaped, uses more subtle approaches like to invite you to go for a run or to the gym … just to keep your ugly, of course.

“How many women have you slept with?” Whatever happened before you is not your job. Do not ask this question because it is very possible to not like the answer.

“Tell me about your ex.” Whether the relationship ended in positive terms or not, there is nothing to tell you about it yourself. Each relationship is a chapter of life which should not to burst over other chapters. There’s nothing to know about it, all that matters is that now with you.

“Why do not you have sex? You’re not attracted to me?” It is one of the most inappropriate questions. Just because it is so faint that it can not move a finger does not mean that the spark is gone or you’re not attractive. The walls Despite general, men do not even always in the mood for sex.

“Oh, do not think it’s an exclusive relationship” This is totally wrong to say after a month of relationship. After a year’s worse. Before you take all sorts of liberties (or avanti you headfirst into a relationship that leads nowhere) it’s good to set clear your lover your status as a couple.

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