Find out why anal sex is good. Tips for a total pleasure

why anal sex is good?
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why anal sex is good?Anal sex arouses different reactions: men are for, and women are divided into two groups – those who are not seems never enough those who do not want anything closer than 10 meters from their anus.

What we like?

Because can give you both incredible sensations of pleasure provided to be done right. Women can experience sensations that are not even remotely similar to what I feel when vaginal sex or when their clitoris is stimulated. When the rectum is ready for penetration, it will “swallow” literally a penis and simply you will not get enough pleasure.

In addition, we all like to tread on taboos and rules set by society. Anal sex is definitely a little of both and there are a lot of prejudices and stereotypes related to it. Therefore, it’s nice to try something that not many people dare to do. Nobody knows about it and will be a little secret that will approach you and your partner / the most.

Anal sex: why we do not like?

If it’s not done right, can be extremely painful for women, so you never think as a normal penetration. Instead, be gentle and move slowly. We advise you to use more lube. Apply it to feel like exaggerate and remember that your rectum has no source of lubrication.

Anal sex can be painful if we are not sufficiently excited and relax
To avoid pain, not near the anus partner if not completely excited. Before a penetrate, make sure you are both relaxed and excited: rub her and kiss her anal area, will make her feel safe and relaxed. Remember that a relaxed atmosphere is the key to anal sex without pain.

Also, women spend more time to be clean, fragrant and look perfect from all points of view.

Can be very unpleasant in terms of vision, considering that the penis can get out of washing the anus prepared for a hefty (if anus has not been cleaned in advance). Remember that it’s normal to happen because the main purpose of the rectum is quite different. A serious anal shower can solve such a problem. You can try even include bath in foreplay.

Positions for anal sex

Can be practiced in the so-called position “doggy-style”. If you have enough experience and you’re relaxed and aroused enough, surprise your partner with new positions like the missionary, you raise your legs in the air a little more so your penis to anus easier reach.

As well, you can try the spoon or the back position. Show him your anus is ready for all sorts of mischief. In the end, surprise him by climbing up over it, so you will be able to lead movements anus and penis will determine the depth and pace of penetration.

Always trying new positions, even if it’s anal sex
You can also sit face to face or back to the partner. I suggest you sit face to face for this position will allow you to stimulate your breasts and, naturally, the clitoris, which can be easily achieved during intercourse. Try not to use amanadoi same position that you practiced it too long.

Anal sex toys
Whether that is becoming increasingly popular or not, the truth is like playing anal (including both penetrating, and stimulating outdoor or any part of the anus) is a safe and healthy to expand your exploration of erotica.

Play anal pleasure focuses on both physical and psychological and opens new avenues for people of their sexuality, which has an impact on all aspects of their sex life. For others it’s just something you have tried.

A great way to explore anal sexual play is by using sex toys. But there are some safety concerns regarding anal sex toys that you need to take into account. Also, we recommend using only toys specifically designed for anal stimulation. When you use sex toys must be mindful of the safety measures

Tips on choosing and using sex toys anal

– If you know where to start, it is always better to choose something small, slowly and use more lube;
Thick lubes in general tend to be better for anal play since last longer than thin that stretch slightly;
– More toys anal shows a curve designed to stimulate the prostate, which can be used for G-spot stimulation;
– Repeating the main safety issue, namely, uses only toys with a thicker base to avoid slipping it into the rectum and make sure it is smooth and without streaks of any kind.


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