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Vitamins For Hair & Skin
vitamins for hair and skin
Vitamins are the best nutritive supplement for the healthy skin. Vitamins and minerals are the key to a healthy looking skin. Deficiency of vitamins could lead to precipitation of numerous diseases including unhealthy skin. Skin problems like hair loss, dry and itchy skin could be a result of vitamin deficiency. To stay away from all such problems, eating a healthy balanced diet is a must.

Vitamins and minerals together constitute the most crucial part of a healthy meal. The body demands vitamins on a daily basis. Every day proper vitamin intake should be ensured for remaining healthy. Vitamins are again of two types- fat soluble and water soluble. Out of all existing vitamins, Vitamin A, D, E and C are of prime importance.



Vitamin A



Vitamin A contains beta carotene, which helps in preventing early premature of the skin. It also induces elasticity in the skin and prevents dryness. Vegetables such as Carrots, beet roots, spinach, milk, meat  are rich in it. It also produces the required amounts of sebum in the scalp.




Vitamin C



The next vitamin on the list for a healthy skin is Vitamin C, which helps in maintaining the toning of the skin. A deficiency in its intake may lead to loosening of the skin, resulting into wrinkling. With age, the vitamin C requirement goes up and so should be the intake. Vitamin E helps in maintaining the moisture level of the skin. All green leafy vegetables are a excellent source of Vitamin E. Vitamin E & C together helps in proper circulation of blood in the scalp.




Vitamin B



These days we get vitamin capsules in the market as Vitamin B complex. Vitamin B complex is rich in Copper, Chromium and Iron. These three elements together help in maintaining the hair color and preventing hair loss. Vitamins also help in fighting under eye dark circles and acne. Any skin related disorder is mostly due to vitamin deficiency. People who eat a lot of fruits and raw vegetables are all healthy and fit as their body requirements for the body is fulfilled. All low fat dairy products, protein rich food and whole grains are considered to be very healthy for the body as well as the skin.



Vitamin E



Minerals are also very important for the body, as the minerals are needed for either the manufacturing or the functioning of vitamins. For example, Zinc helps in the functioning of Vitamin E. All Vitamins and specially Vitamin E gives a youthful appearance to the skin. The health of the skin and the hair is solely dependent on the food intake. The healthier one eats the better the skin looks. They say what you eat is reflected the most on your skin.






Vitamins not only make the skin looks beautiful, but it also improves the texture of the skin. For getting all these benefits, you need to improve your daily diet by including lots of juices and salads in it. And, nothing like it, if you can top it up with a 30 minutes daily workout. Of course, then nothing can stop you from looking good.




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