How to arrange the first meeting to conquer it. 5 Tips

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Here you have 5 tips how to arrange the first meeting.

Men are instinctively drawn reds, a rich and shiny hair, and a flawless smile. Discover how should you hairdresser and makeup for him to consider you very sexy.

Wearing red
It is the color that has the ability to attract instant attention of men. It represents sexuality and eroticism in many cultures of the world and it seems that this combination is not a coincidence but a result of our evolution. According to a study cited by, men are 56% more likely to invite the city a woman wearing a red blouse, unless wearing white. Therefore, a red dress will ensure that everyone’s attention is on you.

And on the lips
Following a recent study quoted by, it was discovered that lipstick shades that men consider very attractive ones are all red. Opt for a semitransparent red lipstick or balm that gives a delicate nuance. In this way you have red lips and sexy, but you will look natural. Avoid strong shades or those mate.

Rich and shiny hair
If you want to conquer instant, you have to consider another “weak” men gained throughout evolution. It is rich and shiny hair, a precious clue that men used it instinctively (and apparently still do use) to assess the health of a woman and therefore reproductive capacity. And to put your worth your hair, try a little trick: First apply conditioner and then Shampoo. Dry your hair with hot-air gun then swiping your fingers through it to get volume irresistible. Even after you feel that hair is dry hot-air gun also uses three minutes. To keep the volume must be 100% dry. Finally apply a shine serum.

Perfect Skin
Skin with a delicate glow instantly turns you into a very sexy appearance. After a thorough exfoliation and hydration intense whole body, applied to areas that will be exposed, neck, arms, shoulders or legs, a lotion with sparkles fine. Make sure you opt for a high quality product that will give you a natural glow and delicate!


Just Smile
It is no surprise that a smiling face is more attractive than a serious one. But according to a study by the University of British Columbia, smile has the ability to make you more sexy in the eyes of men. It is an indication that you’re interested in sexual terms. And if you want to smile without holding a meeting you expect forward, use a whitening treatment at home that gives you instant flawless smile.

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