How to choose a sunscreen cream according to your skin type

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From your luggage to leave seafront should not miss lotion to protect you from ultraviolet rays. But it is equally important to know what SPF is right. Discover what your skin phototype and how to choose sunscreen with protection according to it.

Phototype is how your skin reacts to sunlight, depending on a person’s physical characteristics, such as skin color, hair and freckles presence or absence. Specialists have determined the existence of six phototypes. Here they are:

Phototype I
The specific natural redheads, having many freckles. The skin is very white, with a pink tinge, it burns easily and tans not. In this case, protection factor should be as large. Choose creams or lotions with SPF 50.

Phototype II
The skin is light, usually burn when exposed to sun light can get a tan. It has many freckles on his face and body. If you find yourself in this description, you need sunscreen with SPF 50.

Phototype III
In this case, the skin is open to closed, sometimes burns after prolonged exposure.

Advertisement: Persons falling within phenotype III always tans. Can this little freckles. If this is your skin type, you need SPF 25 or 30.

Phototype IV
The skin is dark and always tans, getting a tan intense.

Advertisement: Do not burn when exposed to sun and no freckles. You’ll need if your skin is so cream with SPF 15 or 20.

Phototype V

Presents very dark skin that tans always strong, do not burn when exposed to sun and no freckles. If you find yourself in this description you need a low sun protection as SPF 6 or 10.

Phototype VI
It is represented by black skin color specific individuals. In this case the skin is very resistant to sun and protection may be very small, such as SPF 6.

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