How to dress up at a wedding?

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How to dress up at a wedding?

The warm season has started, summer is near, which means now is the right time for weddings. You already know for a very long time that you have to be present at some weddings during this summer, but still, there is a single question in your head: “What do I wear?” In general, however, clothing for a wedding comes with a lot of restrictions: it does not wear a too short dress, not too much on the body and, of course, does not wear a white dress.

So the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing your wedding costume is that you have to stay cool and full of style, but in such a way that you do not attract all your eyes on you, in the end, The bride is the most important character of a wedding.

But the clothing for a summer wedding must give you a touch of elegance while keeping your cool, personal style. But, first of all, you have to keep in mind the material from which your outfit will be made. Like advice, wearing only permeable textiles, so you do not get too hot during the event. In fact, you can fight the heat and humidity if you choose a long dress made of light and ventilated materials such as silk, cotton or flax.

How to dress at a wedding to express elegance?

Since we are at the beginning of the wedding season, it would be good to remember a few things related to the clothing of such events:

1. At the wedding, there must be only one white dress. Whoever you ask how NOT to dress up at a wedding, you will surely get the same answer: “No white!” (Or ivory). While not all brides keep the tradition of white color in terms of bridal dress, it is best to dress in other colors to avoid excuse for your outfit. If you already have a white dress and you have planned to dress it at a wedding party, you’d better forget about it and keep it for another type of event.

2. Do not show too much skin. First of all, it’s vulgar. Despite the fact that you look very good and probably have spent a lot of money on the sun, it is certainly the bride who will want the whole attention to be on him, not on other feminine characters at the party. However, there is no problem in accentuating your forms. So at a wedding, you can wear a dress with a deeper neckline that will accentuate your neckline, your bareback etc. – but not all of a sudden. After all, go to a wedding, not to a party that will take place in the disco.

3. Wear the right accessories. Also, in this case, you should not exaggerate: if you choose a necklace with some more stones, it would be ideal not to wear a very strident pair of earrings to kitsch. Also, at evening events – not just at a wedding – try to avoid handwriting as much as possible.

4. Choose very carefully the color of the dress you wear, and advice that not many women think of before a wedding party. However, the color of the dress you wear at the event is extremely important to you. So try to avoid colors such as pale pink, purple, navy, peach etc., because there is the possibility of being confused with one of the bridesmaids – it is already known that in most cases these are the favorite colors for ladies Of honor. You can avoid this with a bright red, dress in blue lace, prints or even sparkles.

What’s the perfect evening dress?

An evening dress can be the perfect outfit for both a wedding party and any other formal event you need to attend. That’s why you have to pay special attention to the dress you wear in such an evening.

A good tip would be to go on the classic black dress. The concept of “little black dress” exists for some reason: black is the one who gives a note of mystery, elegance and, above all, conveys a short message: simple and sexy. However, if you are superstitious and avoid dressing “all-black”, you can access the black dress on a pair of colorful red, yellow, etc. shoes, and an envelope in the same shade as the shoes. Also, the black dress can be accessorized with silver jewelry or even colored ones.

But if you want to be more obvious – but not so much as to eclipse the bride – you can use a red dress in the evening: for example, a short red dress can describe your sexy and sensual nature, While a long dress of the same color gives the impression that you are an elegant yarn and you have control. Red is the one who gives the tone, but the result you get depends on how you get it: If you are afraid to go to the other side – the “red towel” – you can choose a two-color dress – red With black or red with white; Or you can opt for a dress with bells or lace – this way you will express your personality with delicacy without becoming a kitsch.

Also, do not be afraid to wear floral prints. While evening gowns are known for solid colors, prints will always be welcome, especially if you attend a wedding during the summer. In this way, you will express to all the guests at the event that you are a joyful person who is not afraid to prove it is different.




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