How to get a perfect makeup … in less than 15 minutes!

how to get a perfect makeup
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how to get a perfect makeupHow to get a perfect makeup … in less than 15 minutes!

To obtain a high gloss and at the same time, naturally, you only need a few minutes and follow certain rules as simple as it is effective. On some of them you heard, certainly, but as always, there are a few tricks that will help you not stay long in the mirror, but you look as if you had just stepped out of a beauty salon. It seems impossible and yet it is not.

How to get a perfect makeup: About the basic makeup 

As its name indicates, basic makeup is a true “cornerstone” for getting a correct makeup, durable and good looking. But contrary to what you know, it is not necessary to apply the product all over your face as if you’ve put a mask. In so you should resort only women experiencing skin problems (rosacea, allergies, irritation, etc.). American specialists recommend us to apply makeup base only in sensitive areas where sebum secretion is usually more pronounced, such as nose, forehead, and cheeks.

How to get a perfect makeup: Stick concealer

In general, the texture of this product is lighter than the base makeup, with the ability to mask skin imperfections such as acne (in milder), skin redness and dark circles. For the latter (which many women fail to escape, although resting enough) we recommend first using a thin layer of cream to the eye, which will contribute to a better stretch of Proof. Avoid the area with wrinkles, because you will not “succeed” than to remove them further out and do not forget the portion of the inner corners of the eyes.

How to get a perfect makeup: Powder

If you apply loose powder immediately after foundation, you will probably have to redo your makeup quickly enough. The ideal would be to have patience a few minutes to allow makeup base into the leather.
It is better to insist on delicate areas about which I told you before – that nose, forehead, and cheeks. Apply powder with light movements, as if you sprinkle some in no case resort to makeup compact powder finishing – American specialists say that this product is less effective even in terms of coverage pores. If necessary, remove excess powder with a brush.

How to get a perfect makeup: About brushes 

Here are the types of brushes that you should not miss in your makeup kit, depending on the products you wish to use them.

Even if it sounds a little strange, it is best to apply makeup base with a brush – the product will get better skin and coverage of it will be incomparably greater. In return, some experts in the art of makeup (that is, indeed, an art) say that makeup base as a cream can be applied very well only with your fingers – especially if it has a light texture and thin, as it is preferred, either.

For the stick concealer, best brushes are made of nylon threads, which help product penetration depth and thus effectively hide what you do not want to see … A brush is especially useful when it comes to coverage acne. Remove the excess with a sponge and fixes powder was produced by applying a layer of powder.

The most brush which is found usually in the makeup kit is designed for powder. Choose one as thick and soft yarn (preferably, squirrel hair), which can be used for other two requirements: removal of the excess powder and applying blush powder.


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