How to lose weight – 10 -15kg?

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We propose a diet with excellent results, I kept it together with office colleagues. All, absolutely all, I managed to lose about 10-15 kg, without us fat. The purpose of the diets consist not only in the disappearance of excess pounds, but also in changing metabolism so lost weight never to put in place. This is a regime that is identical repeats of 4 in 4 days and lasts 90 days, during which time you can lose 15 to 20 pounds. If you want a lower weight loss diet can be interrupted, but the change will not take place metabolism. The strength of the diet is that you will lose weight just as much as you need, your body until you reach the ideal weight and weakness will be uniform.

Breakfast (is identical in 90 days): few fruits (apples, pears, bananas, citrus, grapes, etc.).

First day – PROTEIN

Lunch: boiled or roasted meat – 3 slices (200 g), 1 slice bread (preferably full), lettuce – unlimited (no oil). After dinner drink 250 ml of hot soup (only liquid added pasta are prohibited: dumplings, noodles, etc.). Instead of meat, you can eat three boiled eggs or milk or yogurt or cheese. Dinner: the same as lunch, but without soup.

Warning: if you eat lunch meat, the same way you will consume and dinner!

Day two – FIBER

Lunch: vegetable, greens of all kinds (beans, peas, lentils, green beans, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, etc.), raw or cooked with added for taste (salt, pepper, broth, etc. – without oil) 1 slice bread, lettuce. (The amount of vegetables that correspond to the fits in a deep plate!) Dinner and lunch like, but half the quantity.


Lunch: Pasta cooked (preferably whole) with tomato sauce (ketchup) or a pizza dough with tomato sauce. Dinner: 2 slices of cake or 2-3 small sweet coils or 3 servings of ice cream binding, a piece of dark chocolate (to avoid possible allergies caused by diet).

Day Four – FRUIT

Lunch: mixed fruit, unlimited quantities. Dinner: the same.

During cure, once a month, after day fruit, you will only mandatory one day water diet. On this day, drink at least 2 liters of water or mineral. During cure, coffee and tea without sugar allowed in unlimited quantities. After finishing the diet you can eat normally, with the recommendation that it be made only breakfast fruit for another 90 days. If this weaker period about 3 kg metabolism means that the change took place. If you want to lose some weight, the diet should be repeated, but only after a break of at least 3 months.

Do not be scared by the amount of food you eat. Even if it seems high, your body weight will decrease! Do not lose hope if not weak in the first 10 days, that still will quickly lose 3-4 kg.


· Do not change the order of the menus (proteins with fruit, etc.).

· Do not neglect anything from the daily menu, each food with a clear role for the body!

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