Infidelity Test – What are the chances that you be the one to cheat?

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Infidelity Test. People are infidels. Some psychologists and psychotherapists really think people can not be monogamous. It’s not in their nature.

Try infidelity test to see which are your chances of betraying the trust of their spouse.

All you have to do is to honestly answer questions and write down your answers.

How much sex do now compared to last year?

A. Almost all

B. half

C. as before

You cheated in previous relationships?

To give

B. I was almost

C. No

You’re impusliv?

A. Yes

B. Slightly

C. No

When you’re upset, you’re out of the room / leave?

A. Yes, I can not stand to listen

B. Sometimes

C. Do not try to solve the problem at the moment and there

You and your partener have different libido?

A. Yes, and this creates problems

B. Sometimes we do not match

C. No

Have you dreamed that you were having sex with someone else?

A. Of course, frequently

B. Occasionally

C. No

You feel neglected by your partener?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. No

You still flirting with your partener?

A. No, we stopped long time ago

B. Occasionally

C. Yes, flirting with each other

Have you ever talked of separation or divorce?

A. Yes, the word appeared often in our discussions

B. Once or twice

C. No, never

Since when you are together?

A. 4-11 years

B. 1-3 years

C. for more than 12 years

Approach a fixed age – 30, 40 or 50 years?

A. Yes

B. I just passed

C. No

Now check the answers A, B and C.

More than 4 answers – Increased risk of infidelity

Alert! Things must improve around you, because soon you seek attention elsewhere. Experts relations encourages you to bring your sex life improvement, to spend quality time together and remember why you love each other.

More than 4 responses B – average risk of infidelity

Although the risk is moderate, a rearrangement of things in your relationship is required. An innocent flirting can turn into an affair.

More than 4 responses C – Low risk of infidelity

Although the risk is low, check if you have selected at least one answer A. If yes, the news is not so good.


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