My lover offers pleasures forgotten by my husband

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I love my husband very much, which is a wonderful man. Rarely is a man of the house and a father so devoted to his children as is Sam. Unfortunately, it does not manifest itself in casually intimate relationship. I explained that sometimes, between spouses, there should be no artificial barriers and that everything is fair in love, but in vain. Bigotry and exaggerated modesty prevents him give me pleasures, like any normal woman, healthy, I want. Unfortunately, in these circumstances I had to find my lover without inhibitions and prejudices.

I’m sure I’m not the only woman facing a very delicate situation in which I am, which is sad. I can not understand how a man his wife embarrassed to experiment with unconventional ways of making love, but only limited to the classical position and movement as classic. It is logical that in this way, monotony and routine erodes the couple harmony. Gradually, the family appears boredom, which leads inevitably to decreased interest amor. Unfortunately, I say this from experience. So it was me …

I married Sam, a man handsome man, body and soul in seven years ago. I married for love. And this love would endure to this day, despite not always flowed with milk and honey in our house. I had heavy periods, but we managed to get through them, and the fruit of our love children Kendra and Roney, they made us to feel truly blessed.

The only problem that I have not managed to solve was – and is -acetamide conceptual difference between me and Victor in terms of physical lovemaking. Specifically, after several years of exclusively traditional sex, and always with the lights off, as I spoke the monotony. I’m bored, if we say it bluntly. So to vary up, I tried to draw my husband in various erotic games.

First, I proposed something very innocent: put aside embarrassment and make love with the lights on. Until then, though it seems hard to believe, we had seen completely naked only rarely and only accidentally, for example when one of us was surprised the other out of the bathroom without robe. I am convinced that if we see naked bodies in moments of intimacy, many of which were numb meanwhile senses will be awakened to life. But unfortunately, this has not happened. Victor was fiercely opposed.

– What is Danielle? he protested, eyes wide like he saw a ghost. Why us naked and make love in daylight? Everyone has his modesty, to be followed …

– Because this is normal, we wonder Ad bodies beautiful, dear! I replied patiently. We have nothing to be ashamed of, but we are husband and wife, we designed two children together!

– No way! I’m sorry, but for me it is better this way. I do not want to light a bulb even when we are naked, for such I would inhibit full and I would not be able to do anything.

What could I do? For the moment, I let it go, but the first opportunity we got in bed with my husband, I tried a different approach, new act of love. Once the prelude to which Victor is very good at being a true artist of consolations and the kisses ended, instead of resuming the same ritual classic of the missionary, which I was sick, I did a few pirouettes and I positioned otherwise as usual, exactly above it. I hope to introduce such variation in our fusion, but I would be disappointed again.

Seeing me at vertical instead of horizontal, my husband was impatient, just to say I was not panicked.

– Danielle, what are you doing? he yelled that I was frightened. Sit down immediately! It is not to get on me, stop it immediately, otherwise get stuck! I do not understand what is in your head, really like!

– Sam, please sit still and let me do the movements that will bring both joy and pleasure! I tried to calm down. close your eyes and live the moment!

– Luana, no offense, but I can not do that! I am convinced that, if they found out that I committed perversions dad would disown me …

– Okay, but it’s not any perversion, my dear, it’s just a different positioning of the bodies during the act of love! and then relax, for your father, Simion good parent, never know what happens in our bed.

Unfortunately, Sam not bluffing when he says that’s about to crash. Completely inhibited my attempt to draw him to “perversions” erotic, he loses all virility, which entailed the end of our lovemaking even before it begins. Another failure at the end of which, though I adore my husband, I felt frustrated, unjustified, unfortunate. I was very angry, but I tried not to show it. I wanted to have patience with Victor and continue to love him unconditionally.

On the other hand, I was nevertheless aware that the problem of monotony couple was driving slowly but surely, the death of passion. I had to find a solution as quickly as possible, because it could no longer; peace and quiet home were more seriously threatened. Under these conditions, it is no wonder that insidious like a lizard poisonous camouflaged by foliage woods often insinuate the thought of finding a lover devoid of inhibitions and prejudices of a type maverick able to take place during lovemaking and offer me pleasures exhaustive.

However, I decided to make another attempt to persuade Victor to make love normally, as do all people, that shameless, with the light on and in a way more varied. Thus, in a weekend in which children were grandparents, my husband invited into town, where we watched a romantic movie at the mall, then took a romantic dinner. Then I went home, where I put relaxing music with African saxophonist Manu Dibango and poured a Cabernet Sauvignon in Bohemian crystal glasses.

Everything is going according to plan. I enjoyed both leisurely aphrodisiac potion, then, at a time when I felt that Victor is sufficiently provoked, I triggered the attack. I began to undulate lasciviously on African rhythms, while it slowly stripping me of the turquoise-deux-pieces and leaving it to fall on the carpet. Up to give my husband knew what was happening, I was empty-goluţă before him, while he remained mesmerized, looking directly into my sensitive areas, voluptuous. I was about to savor the victory, directing me towards him as to unbutton the buttons of his shirt and pants, when, to my immense disappointment, the house was going to unleash hell.

– Danielle, what are you doing here? stop! Same screamed as possessed. Immediately cover your nakedness, go and take a cold bath, to stay hydrated, then talk about what you did! I can not believe you dare to dance nude in front of me!

Hearing reproaches my husband, I felt my temples throb my nerves. I needed to fight back with virulence, as I have not done ever, and so I did. Cup was filled and even had given out.

– Sam, wake up, boy, to reality! I yelled at my turn, which I rarely happened since we were married. Leave your father’s damn church teachings that are archaic, outdated and be a normal and healthy husband! Every man would like to be part of a striptease as exciting as I gave you, and you’re afraid to look at him. You’re crazy? What are you? God, whom I married?

– Okay, so I’m not understand that, Luana? It was defended him in a tone somewhat lower. I do not want to see you face yourself naked in front of me. You are beautiful and clothes on, and so it is normal to wait! in any religious work does not say that we should walk naked …

– I do not care what is written in those books stupid, Sam! I once fiercely countered. All I know is that we are a husband and wife who, for seven years, as estates make love in the dark, under the covers, in one and the same position. That’s not natural, that’s disease, my dear! I want a normal relationship with my husband so! I ask too much? I think not…

– Oh, my dear, you work in the dark and should come to light. Evil spirits trying to draw you into their camp, but fortunately I am here and I will protect you. I’ll help you pull your head gărgăunii, Danielle! Again, I’ll help you come out!

Thus ended my last attempt to convince my husband to have a normal intimate relationship: a total failure. A real fiasco. The thing that made me thinking again at alternative ways to spice up my dull erotic life. At the moment, however, I did not say anything.

Realizing that my man is unrecoverable, I let him have the last word, and he took it. I went into the bedroom and to seal the reconciliation, I did, once again, a classic sex in classical position and in darkness as “classic”. In other words, still a tormented sex.

Sam really did not know what was that last word I would have it. and that’s because I had just decided to save my marriage at any cost, even if it meant I’m a lover. I was – and are – a beautiful woman, slender, appetizing, so I was convinced that I will be easy to find a man eager for an affair. My only concern was to choose a manly kind and open-minded, to provide me with bodily pleasures forbidden by my husband and also to settle and sex without obligation. I had emotional involvement mind, just ecstasy and orgasm.

Quickly, I reviewed all the guys I knew, then I stopped at one mighty handsome and well built, named Rob. It colleague office with me, complained more jokingly, half seriously, that his wife neglects him more and more after giving birth. Of course that I and others in the office often tease him about it.

– You laugh, laugh, but life is full of surprises! He made fun of trouble when he was mocked by one or another. and, indeed, it came out! It was enough to throw him a few glances to sneak a few allusions to erotic tinge in our conversations and touch them in passing, abdomen and thighs tough fibrous elbow. As if taking them into a veil on his face, Rob understood my call. That is why, a few months ago, we became lovers, then we’re both feeling really fulfilled.

Although each of us has at home spouse loved and adored children, we love the wild meetings are indispensable to ward off frustration and suffering we face up to combine.

Harmony reigns again in our families. And that whereas once a week, and I do Dorian passionate love with the light on, without a hint of embarrassment in the most varied ways possible to exhaustion. in those moments, we unleashed, we conduct primitive beings and we really use.

Character names and certain aspects were modified.







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