My boyfriend loves other women, but he says only dance

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I have a close relationship with a great guy three years. We fit in every respect, we like to spend time together, sex is sensational and he is a humorous.
Basically I have nothing to want more. Only that there are many pluses and minus between.

We started half a year to learn to dance. Go to a dance club and activity that makes us both happy. But what do you know, the dance if we are not right. I mean we are, but not great, and both myself and others I found him / other best dance partners.

That made our little paradise to be some discussions about his preferences for certain women who come to the same dance club. I see him as such leaves dance evening more cheerful after dancing with a certain woman than me or others, for example. No detail escaped me this once, twice, until I asked him directly what’s up with that woman, if other than love and dance.

At first he said he just likes to dance with her, as with the other two matches, he says, the better. But squeezed admitted that there’s more than the pleasure of dance, the woman that likes a lot. That woman just got out of a relationship and it seems that would be coupled with someone else, all of the club. I do not know what she has feelings for my boyfriend, but it seems that at least dance like him as much.

The perverse is that my boyfriend has escaped at one point, when I asked what they would do if that woman would signal that she likes him and wants him. He said it would be difficult to refuse, which got me thinking.

Equally as is and that we have sworn eternal allegiance, I always said that we take things as they come, without long-term commitments, assured that as long as we are together we are loyal to each other. But somehow seemed pleasant thing with other women … it calls the beginning of the end.
Although in theory I know that like all other people, even I like the company of other men – from dance or not – in my mind my boyfriend is the only man that I report that long-term relationship, which eventually at a time to my family foundations.

Therefore I would like to know if it’s normal for people involved in a serious relationship and to feel attracted to others, and even to act on those attractions, be they only form of dance.

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