Paleo Diet – The most effective weight loss diet?

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Paleo Diet is a fashionable way to lose weight. It has also other important benefits because halve the risk of bowel cancer. Megan Fox and Matthew McConaughey are two concrete examples that if you follow the principles Paleo diet get rid of extra pounds.

Proponents of this diet gave up processed foods, such as processed served in fast food restaurants, semicongelate preparations, bread and pasta. Instead, they eat only those foods that were available for populations of Paleolithic hunter-gatherers, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and lean meats.

Scientists said in 1970 that the human body is better adapted to prehistoric diets. But this became one in vogue only after it was published by the American nutritionist Loren Cordain, in 2010. Critics say they Paleo diet takes no account of how humans evolved and that such a system could lead to malnutrition.

Paleo Diet is based on two major components: food animal and natural plants. In other words, the flesh is flesh, is vegetable vegetable and fruit is fruit and nothing more. No meat, dairy and sweets!

The Paleo diet, in general, include eating fish, eggs, chicken, turkey, duck, fruits of all kinds, fresh or nuts, seeds and vegetables grown naturally without fertilizers and other fully additives that can change structure.

These foods not only provide the necessary vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that the body needs so much, but have the ability to reduce the glycemic index, decreasing the risk of diabetes, prevent digestive disorders and obesity, due to high content of fiber, which prevents constipation and quickly gives a feeling of fullness, and proteins contained in meat provides the energy we need to face a busy day at work.

People who follow this diet claim that they have managed to lose weight in six months even 30 pounds, without being infomteze and without metabolic give her over the head, so worth trying.

Let’s see what are the rules to be followed in Paleo diet and how we can use past strategies to improve our future:

Rule number 1: vegetables occupies two thirds of the plate – and the rest will be occupied by a serving of protein or meat the size of a palm bridge, a fruit and a serving of healthy fats such as avocado.

Rule number 2: eliminate all foods that cause inflammation in the body – diet mimics the diet of ancestors, so remove it from home products packaged and processed. This food category comes “bundled” with a lot of additives, preservatives, salt and sugar, ingredients recognized for their negative impact on the body, especially the immune system and create the right environment for developing inflammation, the cause of many diseases. So, will exclude dairy products of any kind and refined sweets and cereals, so extolled today.

Paleo diet proponents believe that all “nutritional benefits” of these foods can be just as good composition found in fruits and vegetables. In addition, not too mention what about grain that can irritate the gut, leading to problems such as bloating and bowel syndrome iriabil.

meat, vegetables, fruits

Rule number 3: Farewell, counting calories – if until now you were watching the table indicate the number of calories for each food, here paleodieta will get rid of this burden. You can eat anything and everything you want, of course within the limits imposed by rule number 1. As long as the body receives no additives that are now found in most foods, it will behave normally and do not feel the need for sweet or salty. Cut sweet tooth with fruit and the salting a meal consisting of protein and vegetables.

Rule number 4: have dinner at breakfast – you heard right, what you are supposed to eat at the dinner table is recommended to be served at breakfast, the first meal of the day, because that is the time the body has the great need for nutrients to pass the day long and demanding. So forget the famous cereal with milk and eat one serving of chicken, turkey, salmon or even a burger, because they keep you satiated throughout the day and evening book a fruit or a vegetable salatae light.

Rule number 5: You may only cheat once a week – you can get the promised benefits of Paleo diet even if only follow 85%. Of course, the book followed 100% for one month will get rid of unwanted pounds, but this is not meant to be again Fada and restrictive diet, but a lifestyle, so now and then you can also relish a cake or a glass of red wine.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: People suffering from diseases such as gallstones or pancreatitis, which prevents efficient digestion of fat, especially animal, Paleo diet, you should consult the doctor who will perform a set of tests which will emerge if the person can follow this diet or not.


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