Reasons why couples divorce

reasons why couples divorce
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reasons why couples divorceHere are the most important reasons why couples divorce. This ranking was compiled following a survey, which was attended by several judges as well as marriage counselors.

Reason # 1: Incompatibility

Many couples get married too early to let carried away and forget that a marriage takes a time to develop as it should. If these couples do not have children, the decision to divorce will be even easier to make. Problem is that the shallowness of these types of relationships is increasing because remember that when they got married, made some vows, which now retract. If both are independent financially, nor will the question of continuing on the same path. Lack of experience and patience will often hide behind the word “incompatibility”.

We advise you to seek a counselor to repair problems and to see things from other perspectives because separation is the only solution.

Reason # 2: Pornography
Unfortunately, this is rampant nowadays and is the solution that many men turn to when they fail to find a partner. Besides being a sin, for each pornography, millions of women are exploited every second in order to obtain money to big companies providing pornographic material on the market. The biggest problem of those who watch these things is that some lies are watching so that they would in real life to see something from their partners. Since reality differs from fiction and the man can not come back down to earth, it will be constantly unhappy love life family, which gives rise to much frustration. Pornography also is to blame for the poor performance of the men in bed.

Please quit any pornography because they give rise to expectations that are not real. Remember that pornography is a drug as much as tobacco or alcohol can be even worse. Give this drug slowly and come back in real life, where things are different.

Reason # 3: Financial Instability
Does money affect your relationship? It may not be one of the main reasons why couples split up, but it is a factor that leads to it. Most often, problems will occur when his wife earn more than her husband, which is why you feel the need to impose stronger with the family, because, ultimately, bring more money home. All these things will make the husband feel inhibited and incompetent, getting to lose confidence and lose also the respect of others. Also, a recent study says that men who earn less than their wives are much weaker in bed because they feel inhibited. We recommend you read the article: Men householders have sex party less.

What we advise is to discuss these issues and to realize that it is not important who wins more, because in a relationship both have equal rights and obligations.

Reason # 4: Confusion
Men looking stereotypes, women trying to escape them.
How many times have you heard the story of the man comes home after a day’s work, put to bed on TV and waiting for you to be dining with the wife? The truth is that in modern relationships, both pillars of family work, which is why it is not normal the only woman to do the job around the house. Because of this and different expectations, the man will let his wife do everything alone, and the woman will want to explain it that should receive them and one help from time to time, there is conflict. This type of conflict may escalate and lead to a breakup. The truth is that if there is love in the middle of a couple, there is respect and patience. Remember that both a family and that we must help you to love each other.

Reasons why couples divorce – What is your opinion?

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