Sex talk: 7 areas that he loves

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Trying to be nice because you want to feel good about yourself, right? It has something to do with the desire to conquer irreparably and impress when you see the naked, right? But if you want the absurd, then what areas it would really impress? We called to make a list, so for art’s sake, do not you want to know.

1. Your hair

Use a conditioner that will provide added flavor, volume and shine to your hair and see that your partner will notice immediately.

It may not say anything, but you’ll see it will not help but pass their hands through your hair. He will instinctively, men are attracted to hair partners.

2. Your eyes

Perhaps you will not say too often lost in your eyes, but it is very likely that it will be without warning!

So try to change from time to time how your eye makeup. Surely someone will notice the change. But do not put too much color, men usually reacts positively to less than more make-up.

3. Your skin


Soft and fragrant, it’s impossible to not attract the attention of your partner with flawless skin.

I understand from Victoria Beckham as the best solution is to use baby oil. Judging from what man has Posh at the door, I think babies should let oil free, fast!

4. Clavicle and bend your neck

You have not noticed by now that our partners love to kiss your neck and collarbone? Ana Blandiana knew he knew when he wrote “You discover collarbone sweet / Si, climbing, your fingers touch / Holy lips”!

Perhaps because of shape or just because it’s easier, it is certain that we must give more attention to the area.

5. Your navel

This one does not really understand it … after all and they have a navel, but who can understand the laws of attraction? Men are just as hard to understand as women!

6. Your Curves

Do you think Jennifer Lopez will ever lose his daughter Kate Moss if you ask a man to choose between the two? Can I doubt? The more voluptuous, the better it seems to say masculine faith.

Therefore you better tone your curves sport, not eliminate them with strange diets that will make you look like a skeleton!

7. Your breasts


There must be considerable size to impress, it’s good enough to be put in value! So investing in hot lingerie and make sure you observe what is natural jewelry at hand.


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