The benefits of cherries

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Cherries are considered among the healthiest fruit for the body, bringing multiple health benefits and contributing significantly to increasing longevity.

Here’s what properties have cherries, which bring benefits to the body that contain vitamins and minerals.

Cherries are diuretics, laxatives cleanser. They potentially infective, regenerate tissues and effectively fight against aging by their action regeneration and elimination of toxins. Although they are poor in nutrients, containing over 75% water, so can be eaten without problems faced by people with weight problems or diabetes. In addition, the fight against intestinal fermentation.

In cherry diet, you eat more cherries lose even more. Start with half a kilogram per day in the morning on an empty stomach, because the late diet to reach several kilograms consumed per day. After the diet, continue to eat a kilo of cherries per week.

Cherries are recommended for sufferers of rheumatism, gout and arthritis. They have a uric acid and energetic action on the body. They help regulate liver and gastric system and have sedative properties. Due to the content of vitamins are recommended for children experiencing growth disorders. Help eliminate gallstones and kidney stones. In addition, cherries combat constipation.

Eating cherries it is recommended against migraines. The pulp cherries can enter in the masks, these having the property to skin tone.

The infusion of cherry tails is diuretic, laxative and sedative, fighting and flu. Packs infusion of cherry tails have astringent and soothes skin irritations.

The cherries contain vitamins and minerals
100 g cherries contain 500 mg mineral and fruit are among the richest in potassium (250 mg / 100 g), with extremely important element in maintaining heart health. The composition of significant amounts of calcium entering cherries (17 mg / 100 g – essential for bone fortification for the proper functioning of the nervous system, muscles and heart), iron (0.4 mg – strengthens the immune system, eliminate weakness, irritability or drowsiness) and copper (0.1 mg – contribute to maintaining the integrity of the vascular walls and ossification).

Cherries contain moderate levels of magnesium (contribute to optimal functioning of the cardiovascular system, kidneys and muscles), sulfur (prevents fatigue and is beneficial for healthy hair, skin, nails and brain) and chlorine (help lower blood sugar and cholesterol, treats physical fatigue and anorexia) and a large number of trace elements (zinc, manganese, nickel, fluorine, iodine, cobalt, selenium).

Vitamin C levels may vary between 4 and 21 mg per 100 g, 30 mg or even more for some varieties of cherries. Provitamin A (carotene) found a rate of 0.4 mg per pound of cherries. In moderate proportions is present all B vitamins that have tonic effects on the nervous system.

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