The key to a successful relationship: love of self

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How many times have you heard: “the secret of life is to love yourself?”

How many self-help books you read to tell you to work on improving yourself and your inner peace is the missing piece in your relationship? Through many failed relationships have to go to convince yourself that self-love is the key?
Until you improve your self to achieve inner peace, you will never find the love you desire and deserve. I sincerely believe that to be happy you have to look in the mirror and you say, “I love you!”

How many of you can now look in the mirror and say “I love you”? How many of you can say that they are the most beautiful person you have ever met? How many of you may trigger your emotional feelings, physical and mental only tell you that you love?
It is an exercise harder than you think and will challenge you to practice it right now. Save this article, leave your computer, laptop or tablet and go to the mirror. Tell yourself that you love, it will incite you to be yourselves, you are the greatest person in the world. How will this make you feel?

I remember when I first did this exercise. A friend had told me to make it. He said the exact same thing that you and I tell him “to find inner peace and have successful relationships, you must cultivate and to love.” The first time I did this I stood in front of the mirror on speaker phone. I made them practice “in front of”.
It was the hardest thing I ever did. I sat there and I looked. Let’s face it, no matter how I wanted to believe that I loved, it was not true at all. In fact, I knew for sure that I did not really love. And you know what I learned? Until I was able to really love me, I was able to have extraordinary relationships.

Learning to love yourself is a whole process: accepting your faults, to try to improve every day, to enjoy the small victories and you realize that you are human and make mistakes. These are difficult things for people because we have been taught. We are designed and programmed to be critical with ourselves-especially after a failed relationship. You have to assume every nausea made throughout the relationship and learn from each lesson received.

Also, you must iertati.Trebuie to love and must become the best version of yourself. If you do, you will begin to attract people with all different. You deserve intimacy, passion, love and romance, and for that you need to improve, to become a better person.

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