Vaginismus: Causes and Treatment

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Vaginismus can be caused by abuses were sexual trauma, psychological factors, and sometimes you can not determine the exact cause. The effects of this dysfunction is linked to a penetration difficult and painful or impossible penetration.


It can be defined as a narrowing of the vaginal penetration when narrowing is caused by involuntary contractions of the pelvic muscles.

There are known two types of vaginismus:

Mayor: in this case women can not use buffers can not be a complete pelvic examination may not have intercourse painless.

Secondary: can occur in women who did not show any problems regarding sex, but who subsequently went through a traumatic event or have had surgery.


Because it is a psychological problem, no need for drugs or surgery.

An effective treatment involves a combination dysfunction solve this exercise, behavioral therapy and counseling.

Exercise targeting contractions and relaxation of the pelvic muscles, also called Kegel exercises. Also, treatment should include training in the use of technological couples to help reduce pelvic blood.

Exercises involving the use of a speculum vaginal dilation plastic therefore only be performed by a sex therapist.

Regarding the advice, it must take into account the problems of torque, any emotion, memories that could contribute collectively to spasmus pelvic muscles.

Behavioral therapy is another part of the healing. In this case it is considered that vaginismus is a learned behavior that can be … unlearn. Patients are placed in situations that cause discomfort or anxiety. Gradually discuss sexual situations that patients considered “threatening” until psychological impediment in front of a successful sexual relations is removed.

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