What bisexual and heterosexual women have in common

What bisexual and heterosexual women have in common
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Researchers analyzed brain-specific areas of sexual arousal in bisexual and heterosexual women, reaching a surprising conclusion. What bisexual and heterosexual women have in common.

What bisexual and heterosexual women have in common

This recent study shows that both heterosexual and bisexual women have a similar level of excitement when exposed to erotic stimuli involving men and when they are presented with sexual images of women. The same reaction was not recorded, however, in the case of homosexual women.

The research, published in the Scientific Reports, revealed that heterosexual and homosexual women have different responses at the cerebral level when exposed to sexual stimuli. This difference, however, was not identified when the reactions of heterosexual women with those of bisexual women were compared.

“Our interest in this topic resulted from previous research on the physiological signals of sexual arousal. Surprisingly, women showed a substantial level of excitement in both female and female sexual stimuli, regardless of the sexual preferences of the subject “ said study author Adam Safron of Northwestern University.

“It is also interesting that homosexual women have had somewhat more targeted responses to feminine stimuli compared to heterosexual women. We wanted to see what this means more accurately, so we analyzed the brain activity to identify the evidence.” 

“What brain systems work when women receive various erotic stimuli?” Does the reward system reflect patterns in literature on sexual psychophysiology? We also wanted to see how heterosexual and bisexual women can be compared. focused on male stimuli compared to bisexual women? “ – these are just some of the questions that Adam Safron wanted to find a response to the research.

Thus, the researchers examined the brain activity of 26 heterosexual women, 26 bisexual women and 24 homosexual women while they were studying erotic material. The materials consisted of pictures of naked men, naked women and gay and lesbian couples involved in sexual acts. There were also 12 clips of males and males who masturbate.

Safron and colleagues specifically looked at a brain region called the corpus striatum, a sensitive dopamine-sensitive area that regulates pleasure.

“Our results coincide with information from the literature on sexual psychophysiology, namely that the answers of heterosexual and bisexual women were not specific, none of the groups having an obvious preference for one of the categories of female erotic stimuli or male. “We also found that homosexual women differ from the other two groups, preferring visual sex stimuli involving women,” the author of the study concluded.



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