What it means to eat healthy?

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What is means to eat healthy?

Adopting a healthy diet does not mean you have to give up your favorite foods. Moderate culinary variety and quantity are rules to be followed. So eating healthy means eating vegetables, fruits, bread, cereals, potatoes, rice, pasta etc without any restrictions.

“Food Pyramid” provides a balanced diet based mostly on vegetables and fruits at the bottom, and smaller portions of food that our body has less need, such as fats and sugar.

what it means to eat healthy

33% fruits and vegetables

Consuming large amounts of fruits and vegetables is very important as it helps improve overall health while reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. From fruits and vegetables, the body absorbs vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid and minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium.
These products are low in fat and sodium, and are an efficient source of fiber, and ensure equilibrium among vital nutrients to the body.

33% bread, cereals, and potatoes

The main meals of the day and snacks points can be obtained from these foods. Besides offering the body the energy needed for the whole day, these foods are an efficient source of fiber, vitamin B complex, calcium, and iron. For a larger amount of fiber can be eaten whole grains and whole grain products.
Foods that are part of this group: rice, pasta, sweet potatoes, bananas etc.

12% meat, fish and other products containing proteins

Meat, fish, eggs, beans, nuts are part of this group. These are important elements for a balanced diet because they contain protein, vitamins, and minerals – iron, zinc and vitamin B12.

Enjoy the taste of these foods, but do not forget that everything is consumed in moderation!

Fish oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega-3, which belong to the group of essential fatty acids that play a key role in lowering risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
Experts recommend us to eat two servings of fish each week, each time for a different kind – salmon, herring, sardines, trout, and mackerel.

12% milk and dairy products

Calcium, a mineral vital for healthy bones, protein and important vitamins, such as A, B12, B2, and D, found in milk and dairy products. Enjoy these products and try to eat fat-free version, such as semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, yogurt with a low percentage of fat and cheese with a small amount of fat.

Children younger than 5 years should consume all dairy products because they contain nutrients necessary for normal growth. Exceptions are children younger than 2 years who are recommended only semi-skimmed milk.

9% fat and sugar

Butter, oil, margarine, cream cakes, chips and drinks majority belong to this group. Because these products contain high amounts of fat, sugar, and salt, is recommended to be consumed occasionally and in small quantities.


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