What men hate most about women

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Men have their moods. To not fall into the trap and wake up overnight “put on free”, here are some rules you have to follow religiously!

1. Do not get fat

Men want their lovers to be nice and supple! It is their honor in the game! Your boyfriend does not want to be taken to cool friends because doubled the size of your butt!

2. Epilate your mustache … and beyond

Nothing is more terrible for a man than to have their girlfriend … mustache! So do not forget to you a shaving! No matter how beautiful, slim, smart you are, if you frighten men mustache!

3. Do not wear miniskirts unless you have legs of a gazelle

Men can not stand ugly feet! If you can not be proud of some of his standing as Heidi Klum, is not a tragedy as long as you can not tights and miniskirts! Great care and toenails: that men like their lovers to be groomed!

4. Do not shingle

Yes, men do not like women boyish haircut, even if it’s cool to have short hair! Men love feminine look and the girl of their dreams he must have long hair!

5. Do not wear high heels if you’re more like him

Men do not like to be shorter than their lovers, become very irritable if this thing happens! If you’re tall, you’re not wearing heels! All you do is to annoy!

6. No public gossip

Men do not like their lovers to be some tits. Avoid gossip when you are in his company and, in particular, does not speak bad friends.

7. Show interest in what he does

The lack of interest for his activities is a fatal mistake. Be cooperative and show him that everything he does to you!

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