Sex from your first date?

first date sex


Sex from your first date?

We often wonder what the answer to this question is. The attraction exists, we want to take this step, but it is the first meeting and we are preventing “but if …”. Here’s an explanation.


First date sex? Label…

Imagine a man who imposes this rule. She would have perceived it as a guy who does not really have sex, is she? But a woman, another thing! First date sex?

The woman must defile her impulses, which, throughout history, has been perceived as sin and despair …First date sex?

In addition, sexuality should not pass before feelings, do you? Be just a crowning …

Behold, therefore, these soft girls who do not resist desire, girls who submit themselves to male desires. What to think about them? That they do not know what they want, they do not respect themselves, they are too masculine in their behavior?

Women unable to direct feelings, superficial women and frivolous women. Does not it bother you with these labels?

Well, they are still sticking generously to the forehead of girls and women who prefer not to engage in a relationship, enjoying at the same time pleasure and sex.

Frivolity or not? First date sex?

The culmination of irony: a woman who wants to be free of prejudices is like a frivolous. And there are few women who label other women with such adjectives.

It’s hard to guess where it comes from: a few generations of education for girls who had to be “pure” before marriage.

The ideas with which our mothers and grandmothers have grown, do not disappear even from our unconscious so quickly. Hence, the culpability, the embarrassment, and even the acceptance of conjugal unhappiness because of this sexual conservatism.

But if…

Find out more quickly how compatible they are at the horizon with a man, can this be but a positive one that relieves them of the loss of time and premature attachments to someone with whom they are not on the same wavelength?

If we teach our daughters that sex is not just a male’s right and that if they are responsible and privileged health is it a right that equally belongs to them?

We should tell them that not every man with whom they made love must become their lot? That sex is better if it is lacking in guilt and the social pressure to … take somewhere?

That does not have to make any lover a husband and that it does not make them frivolous or irresponsible, but just … women?


It will probably be several years before the feminist teachings will be properly integrated and will not lead to excesses (not every woman is like Samantha in Sex and the City, but not as Charlotte). It is certain that certain culpabilities subsist, and “sex in the first” is one of them.

Sexual partners. How many should you have?





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