How to avoid microbes from public toilets

How to avoid microbes from public toiletsHow to avoid microbes from public toilets.

Often when you are in town, you feel the need to go to a public toilet, either to make up your makeup or to solve some physiological problems. But do you know how to avoid bacteria in these places?

The public toilet is not exactly the cleanest place, but if the situation requires it, you have to cope with this challenge and avoid as much as possible the bacteria and microbes that exist in this place.

For this you need to turn to the cleanest compartment, often being the farthest from the toilet entrance door.

It is not exactly a golden rule, but sometimes it is applicable.

Avoid leaving your stuff on the floor

One of the biggest mistakes when going to a public toilet is to leave your bag on the floor, so you can easily take home a good part of the existing bacteria and microbes. Without taking into account those on the shoe feet.

If you want to be sure you do not have them, it would be ideal to get you to the door and immediately as you walk in to wipe your shoes and sanitize.

Take care of how you use water.

It is essential to avoid putting as much as possible from hand to water. If possible, take your own cover for the toothbrush that you throw after use. Drops the idea of putting toilet paper on the bin.

It is not necessary to specify why the water button is filled with microbes, everyone leaves their mark there, so they turn to the toilet paper and press the button, taking care not to touch the splashes.

Wash your hands often with soap and water.

Water and soap are the best way to remove germs, and of course, we mean hot water. Every time you go to the toilet both before and after you make sure that this habit does not miss out on your mood.

Avoid as much as possible to dry your hands on hot air because there, microbes survive the best. He opts for paper towels.

It would be best if every time you get out of the house to have wet wipes, dry cloths, antibacterial gel and possibly your own liquid soap.


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