Remedies for hair loss

hair loss

Remedies for hair loss.

Most people notice an increase in the hair loss process around the age of 30 because, at this time hormonal changes, stress and unhealthy eating habits make their presence felt.

In an attempt to correct this problem, we recommend some natural remedies useful in regenerating hair.

Remedies for hair loss. Onions and garlic

Sulfur increases collagen production, which in turn helps hair grow. Onion and garlic are sources of sulfur, and that’s why they have been used in traditional hair regeneration medicine.

Treatment: Cut the onion into fine pieces and squeeze the juice. Apply the juice to the scalp and let it work for 15 minutes, then rinse with a light shampoo. Crumble a few garlic cloves, add a little coconut oil and boil for a few minutes. When the mixture cools, it is applied to the scalp. Repeat this treatment two or three times a week.

Remedies for hair loss. Eggs

They are another rich source of sulfur but also contain a lot of proteins and minerals: selenium, iodine, phosphorus, iron, and zinc. All this recommends them in regenerating hair, especially when combined with a little olive oil.

Treatment: Mix a teaspoon of olive oil with an egg. Beat them until you get a paste-like consistency and apply them all over your scalp and hair. So about 15-20 minutes and then rinse with cold water and a light shampoo. Whenever possible, replace your regular shampoo with a herbal one.

Remedies for hair loss. Hibiscus

Coconut oil and hibiscus are the secrets of a hair often. Hibiscus has rejuvenating properties-nourishes hair, prevents premature bleaching and dandruff.

Treatment: Crush a few hibiscus flowers and mix them with coconut oil to make a fine paste. Apply it on your scalp and hair, let it take effect for a few hours. Rinse with cold water and a light shampoo.

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