How to dress for the body you have

How to dress for the body you want HAVE;

5 Simple steps

Fashion trends change every season and as a woman, it is our natural instinct to try the latest trend even if it means neglecting what really works for our body types.

1.Firstly know that YOUR body type is beautiful

Every single body type is beautiful, whether it is a size 8 or a size 18, you are a woman and therefore you are beautiful regardless of what anybody has to say. However to enhance your beauty fashionably, it is essential that you wear clothes that not only look beautiful but also look beautiful on your body type, this will also help you to feel more comfortable in the clothes that you wear.

2.Understand that society is the problem not you

The problem is not that women cannot dress for their body types, the problem is that fashion labels and magazines have women believing that they can only look beautiful in nice clothes if they are the “Right” size( which is usually an 8-12). According to many researchers, 14 is the average size for women in the USA,  but we are forgetting that sizes vary from shop to shop and also vary from designer to designer, therefore there is no ideal body for fashion, EVERYBODY  can look good in fashion trends if they know their body type.

3.Know your fashion preferences

It is obvious that women have different preferences and tastes when it comes to fashion, it is also obvious that some women have similar if not identical preferences. Your body type doesn’t determine your preference or what you like to wear, it should simply be a guide, it is possible for a full figured woman and a petite woman to have similar fashion preferences. It is true fashion trends of the season play a big part in our decisions as women to what we will buy, but as an individual you should already know what type of clothing you like so that you don’t fall victim to wearing clothes because they are in style

4.Know your body type

Its easier said than done because, to be honest, women often have ideas of how their body looks and usually these ideas are wrong, so it is perfectly fine if you don’t know your body type yet. There is a website which helps you find out what type of body you have, what you should wear and also helps you figure out what suits you best. The reason for putting knowing your preference first to knowing your body type is because you should never limit your fashion to your body type, you can totally modify fashion to suit you, Hello its fashion dear! An example of this would be crop tops, which are believed to be for slim women, False! Full figured women can wear a crop top, just pair it with something high waisted either pants or a skirt, preferably a skirt if you are going for the elegant look, and Boom Clap we have a winner.

5.Finally, use your skills to go SHOPPING!

Now that you know how to dress for your body type, what better way to use your new found knowledge than to go shopping. You will feel at ease knowing your style and what works for you, it also saves you plenty of time (That you can use to go to other stores), Bonus. Please try your outfit on before you purchase it, don’t make the mistake of thinking because an outfit looks nice of racks then it’ll look nice on you. Try it on!

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