Sexual partners. How many should you have?

sexual partnersHow many sexual partners should you have in a lifetime? What the specialists say

Have you ever wondered what is the ideal number of sexual partners a woman or a man has to have? Do you think it’s promiscuous? Here’s what experts think about this.

14 is the limit for sex partners in the past for women and for men is 15. Moreover, people think it could be quite promiscuous behavior, and studies show that they tend to exaggerate when it comes to pass sexual partners.

Would you tell the new life partner how many people had sexual experiences in the past?

People who have gone through a more tumultuous period of sexual life tend to keep these details or to lie to them. The report shows that the number of sex partners “desired” by women is up to 14, and for men up to 15.

Although we are in 2016, and some think it is a topic overtaken for the times we live, it has been proven that your sexual history can affect how someone perceives you. Even if the standards are close enough, both women and men prefer their life partner not to have had a great deal of adventure in the past.

However, if you have too few partners you can lose your sex appetite. The survey conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor shows that people who have fewer partners are more sexually conservative.

The optimum average of sex partners for both men and women, according to studies, is 7.

Sex from your first date?


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