The color of your lipstick. What tells about your personality?

the color of your lipstickThe color of your lipstick can say many things about you as a person. What’s the explanation?

The color of your lipstick. There is a theory that we like some nuances because we associate them with emotional experiences from our past. In other words, if, for example, your mother carries a lot of purple colors, and you have a special relationship with her, it is very likely that you like it too. If the uniform that you wore in the school was red, it is unlikely that you would like that color.

Here’s what the color of your lipstick says about you and your personality:

The red and dark burgundy shades.

You are confident, secure on yourself, with an easy … eccentric side. You are not afraid to capture all the surrounding attention and have a unique style.


Shades of chocolate and orange.

You like to add some salt and pepper to your classic outfit. You like to experience, and sometimes you’re a little shifting.

Pink and purple shades.

You are empathic and ambitious. Additionally, you tend to make important decisions in terms of maximum safety, without shaking your head.

The shades of brown and gray-brown.

You are a trusted person and show a certain nostalgia for your past. You also have a very strong side that you are not afraid to take out when you think it is.

Nude colors.

Some say you can be shy, but I do not know you yet. In fact, you are balanced and quiet and a trusty girlfriend for everyone. Those who need advice, call with confidence.

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