Natural remedies with immediate effects against warts

Natural remedies with immediate effects against wartsNatural remedies against warts

Lemon, banana, potato, celandine or propolis help, among other things, to remove warts without using medical treatment

More and more people face some unpleasant, especially aesthetic, wrinkles. But we must not forget that these excrescences are contagious.

A dye is a swelling of the skin, which can appear on any part of the body. Usually, this excrescence occurs on the hands, feet, fingers, abdomen or knees. Eugen Giurgiu, a biochemistry doctor with phytotherapy and nutrition skills, tells us that there are over 60 types of papillomavirus warts.

They are spreading through contact with infected people or with objects used by them. Often, warts appear at any age but often spread to children. Specialists recommend that, regardless of form or size, warts be treated. Among the adults most likely to get wounded are people with low immunity or those taking a cytostatic treatment. Sometimes warts, these unwelcome guests, disappear when the “victim” body gets immunity to the Papillomavirus.

Natural treatments with immediate effects

Lemon dries warts

Put lemon thin slices of pepper in apple vinegar. After 15 days, these “macerated dressings” are wrinkled. The results are not to be expected.

Juicy juice makes miracles

Apple juice is applied directly to warts, several times a day.

And the banana peel heals

Cover the area with walnuts with banana peel (inside). Above we put a dense cotton cloth. Every day, we put a fresh banana peel and the treatment continues until healing.

Potatoes destroy warts

Crude potato slices, applied daily to the wart-infested area, give very good results as it dries them. Cover the potato slices with a plastic so that the juice does not evaporate too quickly.

Propolis, a fierce enemy of the Papillomavirus

Propolis tincture destroys the Papillomavirus and dries warts. Only anoint the wrinkles of warts; in this way, protect the skin around the wart from burning.

The snail gets rid of warts

For this treatment, you have to buy a … snail. At first, wash your wool and the surrounding skin with soap and water. Take a snail and place it on the soles of the wings you want to escape. Keep the snail on the affected area for 15 minutes. After this interval, take the snail to the garden, but repeat the procedure in the morning and in the evening. The substance removed from the soles of the snail destroys warts in a few days.

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