Is my husband gay?

Is my husband gay?Is my husband gay?

Hello! I found this blog in search of an answer. Is my husband gay? I have been married for 10 years with my husband, whom I love enormously! Right from the beginning of our relationship, I had the feeling that men like him, but look … how the years have passed and we are still together. Like sometimes I’d like to tell me the truth, his biggest secret, but can he mislead who knows ?!

The point is that when we make love, we feel good both of us … so I just noticed how it races when I touch him in a certain way … you like to be dominated, as sometimes I see myself a man and a woman. We women feel immediately if there is anything …

he does not cheat me, I know for sure he no longer has anyone, but what is hiding in his soul ..?! Is it gay, bisexual … ?! Or is it just a simple “madness” of mine ?! How can I figure out, please give me an idea ?! Do you think it would be too much for me to even ask myself, one evening for a glass of wine, quiet ?! Or I would make the biggest mistake. Maybe I should leave the time to decide!

I will respect enormously and admire the courage to live your life in truth and not in a lie.

I do not know what he is, and I do not condemn him, at all, he has no blame if he really is gay. We still have a little girl that we are both proud of and we love her crazy.

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