Benefits of sex during pregnancy

sex during pregnancy

Benefits of sex during pregnancy

This is one of the most sensitive topics, but it is worth addressing. Doctors say that if women have no problems during pregnancy, they can still have sex.

Sex during pregnancy – myths and truths

1. The child does not waste anything. The fetus is protected from amniotic fluid and uterine muscle.

2. One of the reasons why many gynecologists recommend sex during pregnancy is given by the production of antibodies to the release of orgasm. Since antibodies are on the rise during pregnancy, an extra dose produced by beneficial effects of sex is welcome. Antibodies have the role of stimulating immunity in women, which decreases during pregnancy.

3. Women who have problems with tension can reduce their sex during pregnancy. Sex is one of the recommended “sports” for burning calories and adjusting blood pressure by improving blood circulation.

4. It is known that sex offers a well-being. During orgasm, oxytocin is released, a hormone that women especially need when worrying about their birth.

5. There is also a psychological effect of having sex during pregnancy. Moreover, pregnant women are maintaining their body weight and feel just as beautiful even if they have a tummy.

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