Natural remedies for hemorrhoids

Natural remedies for hemorrhoidsNatural remedies for hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoids are painful swelling of the recto-anal veins. This condition can cause pain, anal bleeding, and difficulty in defecation.

In the article below, we present some natural remedies for hemorrhoids, recommended by experts in the field.

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids. Oatmeal

An olive oil swallowed each day in the morning on an empty stomach for several weeks improves intestinal transit and helps combat hemorrhoids and constipation.


Experts in natural treatments recommend eating at least two liters of fluid per day and a diet based on fruits and vegetables, but also dairy, fish and lean chicken and beef. All meals should be taken regularly.

Chamomile and marigold teas, soaked in honey, are also indicated.

Wild chestnuts make wonders in the fight against hemorrhoids, and the application of an ointment to affected areas for two weeks can have beneficial effects in the long run.

A propolis-based alloy, made from the mixture of 500 grams of butter and 150 grams of propolis, is also among the products recommended for hemorrhoids healing.

Natural remedies for hemorrhoids. Castor oil

It is also recommended to massage hemorrhoid areas for a few minutes each day with castor oil. Treatment should be done daily for one month.

Crude carrots, consumed in significant quantities, also help heal the hemorrhoids.

Sulfur, both as an infusion and as a sitting bath, reduces hemorrhoidal inflammation. Also, the bleeding is kept under control, and the pain is calming.

The combined infusion is made of four teaspoons of the plant, kept in 250 ml of water, then squeezed.

Another treatment indicated by the specialists is the one with a small, calming effect on bleeding hemorrhoids. The decoction of the leaves and the root of the unicorn is administered internally, while the compresses are for external use.

The chestnut meal, made from dry chestnut milling, also with shell, effectively treats hemorrhoids.

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