Anal sex: what does it mean for health?

anal sex

Anal Sex is the most taboo sexual practice, even among the most liberal couples. As it touches a part of the body often denigrated, anal sex remains for many people “dirty sex.”

Many women even avoid talking about anal sex with their partner. Is this a matter of fear or a mere taboo? Discover our advice on sodomy, this sexual practice appreciated by many men.

A practice considered taboo for a long time

Sodomization of slaves was a sign of power for their master in ancient Rome. In France, until the end of the 18th century, the practice of sodomy was punishable by burning in the prison or by imprisonment. In 1971, sodomy disappears entirely from the French criminal code. For 13 states in the USA, the law of punishment of sodomy was abolished in 2003.

Why do men like it?

A man of three practice sodomy regularly. Physically, anal sex is a moment of pure pleasure for a man. Because the anal sphincter is tighter than the vagina, the penis will be more compressed and the pleasure will be more intense for it.

What do women think?

Women who accept sodomy and feel pleasure from this practice are few, only 10% of the 25% who have tried have appreciated anal sex. Many women believe that this is a degrading position for a woman or is afraid of pain. Everything depends on the partner.


The anus is a sensitive area and can also be a source of pleasure for women. But in order to achieve this phase of ecstasy, it all starts with a good lubrication. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not naturally lubricate. Grease-based lubricants are forbidden, which are very fatty, but water- or silicone-based lubricants are preferred. Introspection has to be done slowly, just like the subsequent moves.

Medical and infectious risks

Rule number one is no brutal penetration! This can cause micro-cracks or bleeding. Do not hesitate to let your partner know if you feel any embarrassment. The risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases exists. A condom is needed because the rectal mucosa is particularly fragile and porous.

Avoid going from anal to vaginal penetration. Microbes in the rectum can cause vaginal infections. Therefore, change the condom before doing so.

Can you get pregnant through anal contact?

Sodomy is a little propitious practice for contraception, there is a very small chance that sperm will reach the vagina and climb to the upper genitals during ovulation.

Practicing sodomy is dangerous during pregnancy? Are there any risks for the child?

Pregnancy is a fairly sensitive but normal time for a woman, so you can have any sexual intercourse, but without brutality. Practicing sodomy remains at your discretion. Avoid it, however, towards the end of the pregnancy.

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